CanSAR is in a fight for the lives of those unknowingly exposed to radon. Support radon legislation in your area and help us prevent the senseless deaths of our family members, friends, and neighbors throughout the United States.

CanSAR members have provided support through testimony and publicity that significantly contributed to the success of radon legislation in Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon and Kansas.

Radon Awareness Act

A properly crafted Radon Awareness Bill can protect the general public from deadly radon gas while keeping the implementation costs to a minimum. Illinois’ version relies on simple notification of the dangers of radon and the value of testing during the real estate transfer process. The testing and mitigation decisions remain voluntary and the Act has had no discernible negative effects on the overall rate of real estate transactions.

The below link is to the Illinois Radon Awareness Act. The Act became effective January 1, 2008. In the first year, radon testing and mitigation increased substantially while real estate transactions decreased.

  • 29% increase in the number of radon measurements.
  • 25% of all real estate transactions included a radon measurement.
  • 26% increase in the number of radon mitigations

In subsequent years, radon testing and mitigation levels in Illinois have remained at increased levels. The benefits of this legislation? More testing. More awareness. Fewer people living with dangerous levels of radon.


New Construction Codes

Approximately 10 million homes throughout the United States have indoor radon levels exceeding the EPA Action Level of 4.0 pCi/l. Even at today’s lower annual rates of new home building, we continue to build more new homes with elevated radon levels than the total number of homes (new and existing) than we fix each year. The only way we will get on top of the growing radon-induced lung cancer rate is to stop building homes with radon levels above the EPA Action Level. Easy, inexpensive control measures that can reduce indoor radon levels can be built in during new home construction.

Simple code changes are the first step in the battle to control radon in new homes. Minnesota has taken steps to require building in radon reducing features in all new homes built in their state. Knowing that these steps do not go far enough to assure reduced radon levels, the Minnesota Department of Health has created a voluntary Gold Standard program to encourage builders to install complete (with radon fan) systems which will assure positive control of radon levels.

Minnesota Radon Control Standards

Helpful Legislative Links

http://www.aarst.org/modelpolicies/index.shtml – The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) has compiled a number of model and existing laws relevant to the fight against radon-induced lung cancer.

http://www.elistore.org/reports_detail.asp?ID=11107 – The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) tracks all of the new (and existing) laws governing radon. A free copy of all of the current laws is available on their website.