Breathing Easier–An Informational Radon Video

Dr. Richard Williams

“Have you tested your home for radon?”
Asking this important question could save lives.

Original version:  23 minutes
Radon is so unknown.  Dr. Williams said that he wanted to make sure that people would test their home; however, while he didn’t live to fulfill this goal, this is his legacy via this video.

Short version:  12 minutes

Dr. Charles Lynch

Dr. Charles Lynch indicates elevated radioactive radon gas can accumulate in any building and is the leading environmental cause of cancer mortality.

Dr. Vermillion says Gail Orcutt opened his eyes concerning radon gas and lung cancer. Now he tells all of his patients to test their homes for this radioactive radon gas and take action if the level is elevated in order to protect their family and loved ones. He thinks all physicians should test their homes and tell their patients to do the same. Dr. Vermillion agrees that physicians need to learn more about this radioactive silent killer and share their knowledge.

Dr. Timothy Vermillion


Gail Orcutt and husband Bill