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Cancer Survivors Against Radon, Inc. is a 501 c(3) organization supported by the Smile Program. Amazon donates .5% of every purchase made from supporters of CanSAR. Simply go to Search for Cancer Survivors Against Radon, click on the organization, and all of your purchases will benefit CanSAR with no additional cost to you! Please consider changing your account to include CanSAR. Click to register!

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RADON GAS is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and second only to tobacco. It is the leading environmental cause of cancer mortality. By donating to CanSAR you will help our efforts to increase radon awareness, testing and mitigation; thus saving lives. Over 20,000 people lose their lives to radon-induced lung cancer each year Click here to donate today and receive a FREE home radon test kit and REDUCE RADON TEE.